Dear friends! Welcome to our web page.
Our shop is activated in trading sports goods since 1983.
The purpose of the store is on the day of its establishment, the provision of quality services,
Respect for our customers, choosing the most quality products from partner companies, the enrichment of our collection with the widest possible variety of sportswear and accessories.
Our activities range from the simple sale of sport shoe-clothes to organize collection of quality hiking boots-parts-climbing accessories, camping-mountain activities generally species, supply sports materials and equipment in schools -Collection-gyms, study organization of personal equipment and professional gyms.
Always follow the market trends we move one step ahead to go with developments and easier for our customers. So to pioneer commercial district built our store page, in order to bring our store in every home we .Skopos is to place the greatest possible range of sports products within the page, with continuous information about that new pick, enabling in each client first to see products compare prices and decide where to buy, either by visiting the store or online.